Recipes that I have been handed down to me from my family, friends, and just some that have become favorites.



Main Course

Side Dishes


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  1. Hey Vanessa,
    My name is Christopher Myers, and I am Sherry McWhorter (Sanchez)’s son. I am very interested in finding out more about our family and where I come from. I feel like I have never been given an opportunity to know anything about my ancestors. Anything you can bring into my life would be a great honor for me. Thank you so much. I hope this gets to you!

    • Hi Chris,

      I know who you are. I met you when you were a wee small baby. Your Mom is one of my favorite cousins! Do you remember your Grandfather Walt? He was like a rock star to us kids. I have a family tree for the McWhorters and Howards, which are your people. I’ll send you and invite you to it. Thanks for reaching out, cuz! It’s good to make family connections.

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