From the kitchen of Sharron Tavernier

My friend Sharron is one of the best cooks I know.  Her secret?  She doesn’t follow a recipe, but rather uses a recipe as a “guideline”.  I have transposed this recipe exactly as she had written it down for me. Typically, Sharron doesn’t do precise measurements.  Her cooking philosophy is to put in whatever amount of ingredients feel right to her.  And of course, for her,  ingredients aren’t static.  Ingredients in a recipe can change at the whim of her mood or what she has in her larder.  Love it.  She has served up some wacky food that is always surprisingly good (upside down cantaloupe cake comes to mind).  I envy this type of cooking, since I am one to adhere strictly to a recipe.

red pepper
black pepper
lime zest
green onions
greens (spinach or chard or whatever you like)
Cook sketti. Then…. in a pan add all ingredients except parmesan, and cook.  Mix pan stuff and sketti.  Top with Parmesan

Serves how many you want depending on the measurements you used.

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